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What exactly are “grassroots” or “guerilla marketing” and how can that help my business?2016-10-23T01:29:25-04:00
 To quote Cynthia Myers of Demand Media, “Grassroots marketing, sometimes known as guerilla marketing, starts from the ground up. Instead of launching a message you hope will appeal to many people, you target your efforts to a small group and hope the group will spread your message to a much larger audience. Grassroots marketing often uses unconventional or nontraditional methods. Grassroots marketing often costs less than more conventional marketing efforts, but can produce big results.” Street Laced was born on this marketing philosophy because there is nothing more impactful than hand-to-hand marketing. When you hand someone something, you see for certainty that their eyeballs have seen your message. It allows the opportunity for conversation. And that is invaluable to a potential new customer.

I need to book a DJ for my event. How can I do that?2016-01-10T19:53:34-05:00

We suggest you first have a look at our DJ Network, which can be found at the top of our homepage. Once you see a few DJ’s you’d like to inquire about, please fill out the submission form on the Contact Us page. We will get back with you within 24 hours to assist you with your inq

I need to book a promotional team to help promote my business at a local event? Can you assist?2016-10-23T01:29:25-04:00

Street Laced has a team of employees who are ready to promote your business or product for any music/food/art festivals, community or charity events, sporting events, concerts or anything of need in the Tampa Bay area. Our team is catered to each event specifically, making sure that your message and branding is communicated clearly to the consumer. There are many different opportunities for coverage, pricing and flexible options, executing expectations and client goals and accountability for your investment.


Is your company insured for events?2016-01-10T20:01:33-05:00
Does Street Laced have DJ’s available to me who I hear on the radio?2016-10-23T01:29:25-04:00

Street Laced is the ONLY booking company in Tampa Bay that has relationships and access with Tampa Bay’s BIGGEST named and most well know RADIO DJ’s, from 93.3 FLZ to WiLD 94.1 as well as 95.7 The Beat to Hot 101.5! Street Laced knows that these caliber of DJ’s are the very best of the best, which is why our clients continually utilize our network of DJ’s over and over. Our full lineup of available DJ’s and their bios are available on the DJ Network Page on the home page.

What makes our company different from competitors?2016-01-10T20:06:54-05:00
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