Street Laced Marketing & Promotions Policies

  • For all quotes for services not accepted 14 days prior to services rendered, a 5% administration fee will be assessed on the total amount due for each day, if not accepted by close of business until the quote is accepted.
  • 50% deposit required for all booked services above $750, to be received 10 days prior to the start of services. Remaining balance to be paid in full, within 48 hours of services.
  • If the balance is not satisfied within 48 hours, without notice (in writing), all deposit monies will be retained, and services could be subject to cancellation.
  • Street Laced will make concessions for certain situations, based on communication with the client prior to services rendered. It is at the discretion of Street Laced, only after speaking with the client and receiving approval in writing, that all remaining funds for services will be paid in full no later than 12:00 pm day of services.
  • No finances are to be discussed with any Street Laced hired talent, entertainers or staff on premises.
  • No payments are to be exchanged with any Street Laced hired talent, entertainers or staff on premises.
  • All payments are to be made to “Street Laced Marketing” and can be paid electronically through our invoice system or can be mailed with notice.
  • Weather contingency policy is as follows:

Street Laced representative must be contacted via email/text message (confirmed with SL representative) within four (4) hours of the start of the event for any cancellation and/or delay. If the client cancels within the four (4) hour window of scheduled start time, the client is responsible for 50% of agreed upon talent fee.