Created by IDubbbz aka Ian Jomha, Anisa Jomha and Mike Leanardì, in partnership with Real Good Touring, #CreatorClash is a first of its kind charity boxing event that “changed influencer boxing forever”(The Daily Dot) by putting a positive, collaborative light on influencer boxing and bringing people from the digital community together for a common goal: giving back.
Creator Clash 2 will once again bring together well-known digital creators and entertainers across gaming, animation, tech, dancing, finance, cuisine, comedy, sports and more for the must-see boxing event of the year, with all net profits going to charity!
The event at Amalie Arena this Saturday will have music vibes curated by #StreetLacedDJs own DJ Ekin (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Hip Hop Study Hall)
Boasting some of the world’s most beloved online creators, Creator Clash 2’s match-ups features:
– Heavyweight –
* Harley Morenstein (Epic Meal Time) VS John Morrison
* Arin Hanson (GameGrumps) VS Jarvis Johnson
– Cruiserweight –
* Myth (Myth_YT) VS Hundar (MuscleParty)
– Light Heavyweight –
* Nathan Barnatt (Dad) VS AB Ayad (Starkilla/The H3 Podcast)
– Super Middleweight –
* Ian “iDubbbz” Carter VS Alex Wassabi
* Alanah Pearce (Charalanahzard) VS RIPMika
– Middleweight –
* CrankGameplays VS Leonhart
– Super Lightweight –
* Marisha Ray (Critical Role) VS Haley Sharpe (YodelingHaley)
– Lightweight –
* Dakota Olave VS Jack Manifold (JackManifoldTV)
– Super Featherweight –
* Andrea Botez (ItsAndreaBotez) VS Michelle Khare
* TBD VS Chris Ray Gun
– Super Flyweight –
* Jaelaray VS Abelina Sabrina