Tampa Bay Buccaneers & UnitedHealthCare Spotlight on Street Laced Marketing

It’s a service the Buccaneers themselves utilize as Street Laced is the team’s official game day DJ and entertainment group.

“Street Laced could not be more grateful to have been a recipient of this amazing award,” one of the owners of Street Laced, Greg Wolf, said. “We love being a part of our Tampa Bay community and to be recognized as a small business who is making some waves in the city is a true honor and we are humbled by the gesture. The hospitality we received has been second to none! To know there are corporations like UnitedHealthcare and The Buccaneers who take the time to seek out businesses like ours to shine a spotlight on is fantastic and we are so thankful.”

The hope is that exposure from the Buccaneers will drive business to local companies. The prize includes partnership assets from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that includes a visit from the Street Team, along with members of the Buccaneers Cheerleaders and tickets to a game. It also includes promotional assets like radio spots and in-stadium advertisement.

“Winning this package has already gotten the phones ringing,” Wolf said. “We have had multiple sources tell us they have heard our commercials running during Buccaneer game broadcasts, have seen our logo on Bucs Vision during the game, have seen us on Buccaneers.com, etc.

“We have seen an influx of visitors to our website these past few weeks and have received numerous business inquiries via our website platform. We know in the digital world we live in today, advertising can be somewhat costly, so for us to have received this digital package along with the award has been extremely valuable for our brand!”

The Spotlight on Small Business provides the backing of a major brand to smaller companies that further drives their own brand awareness in the local market. Wolf spoke of the importance of that aspect of the program, as well.

“Anytime you can align yourself with a major brand like the National Football League and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, you are automatically looked at in a different light,” Wolf said. “The NFL is one of the biggest brands there is. They deal with major Fortune 500 companies every day. We are now affiliated with that brand, and our colleagues, vendors and fellow business owners respect that our company has achieved that level of stature.

“There are a million marketing companies in the world, but the Buccaneers have chosen to work with Street Laced. That speaks volumes about the organization’s commitment to community and allows our company to shine as a small business with BIG business aspirations.”



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