When it comes to business, we believe that there will always be untapped opportunities in the world for companies to expand their brand; us included. It may sound cliche’ to some, but you have to get “outside of the box”, or… the country, in our case.

Street Laced recently took a trip over the pond to explore potential opportunities to work with similar companies in Amsterdam, London, Dublin and Paris. The notion of gaining a different perspective of how companies engage with consumers via their marketing techniques and the tools that advertisers use to get eyeballs on their message is what intrigues us. They utilize untapped and unconventional spaces in a manner that messaging is completely intertwined into daily life. It’s very effective. These creative ways that companies communicate with consumers is appealing and eye-catching. It was a great experience and we gained some valuable knowledge.

While in Paris, we linked up with a company who also manages popular and high-demanded DJ’s on that side of the world. After further discussions about the Street Laced brand and which DJ’s we manage in Florida, they were very interested in the DJ’s that are a part of the Street Laced DJ Network and how we could assist them and vice-versa. Details to come!

Here are some of the shots the President Blaise Potts and Vice President Greg Wolf took while in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland and France Europe Europe2 Europe3 Europe4 Europe5 Europe6 Europe8 Europe9 Europe10 Europe11