The 6th Annual Gelatin Plunge, presented by Caspers Company, was another STELLAR event where our Tampa Bay community once again made a difference in the lives of the children and families supported by the Children’s Cancer Center (CCC). On a very warm June 16th Summer night, some of Tampa Bays movers & shakers, local celebrities & officials, family members, staff and more plummeted down a slide into a pool filled with 2,000+ gallons of orange gelatin!

Plenty of spectators were on hand to enjoy live music, food trucks, a beer garden, and family-fun activities that included Street Laced’s own Hula Hoopers, “America’s Got Talent” Star, Bubble Boy Blaise Ryndes and Street Laced DJ’s own DJ Deacon. Video Recap Here: 6th Annual Gelatin Plunge RECAP

(Entertainer Recap Here: Street Laced Entertainers)

The funds raised from this event go toward supporting local families that receive educational, emotional, and financial assistance from the various programs provided by the CCC.

For the FULL GALLERY of the event, visit the CCC Facebook page here: 6th Annual Gelatin Plunge

(Photo Credit: Silver Moon Custom Art & Photography)