Via WFLA NewsChannel 8 | (article has been translated from Spanish to English below)

Tampa DJ finds way to entertain people during quarantine

TAMPA, Fla. (TAMPAHOY) – During this pandemic, hanging out with friends and going dancing is no longer an option, but there is a DJ here in Tampa who follows the party on social media.

Once upon a time, in a very different world than today, Luis Gonzalez controlled the crowd with his mix of songs. But now, DJ Speedy Jr, as he’s known on stage, is at his house on weekend nights.

“I really thought it would be over in a month,” says Luis Gonzalez, the real name of DJ Speedy Jr.

When the quarantine started, the work of DJ Speedy Jr was finished.

“I have the DJ business playing weddings and fortnight parties. I have Speedy Jr.’s business playing in clubs and I lost a lot of money. More than three months in a row and I keep losing money, ”says Gonzalez.

So it is for many DJs and artists who are now out of work since many clubs and bars closed due to cornavirus.

“Many clubs are opening, but they are afraid. They are afraid. Many are afraid, ”says Gonzalez.

Gonzalez started from a young age. His father, also an artist, saw his son’s desire to play music and began to teach him.

“I was always a DJ at family parties, house parties, I played music and people would tell me,‘ because you don’t really do this, ‘”says Gonzalez.

“My love for Latin music, for supesto, salsa, merengue, bachata, reggeaton,” says Gonzalez. “I was always a fan of beat street, break, everything that was hip hop in the 80’s,” says Gonzalez.

Twenty-five years as a DJ, putting people to dance, DJ Speedy gives thanks for the career he has with the 92.5 Maxima station where he continues to work, but now from home. Nowadays you can listen to it on social networks announcing your mixes on Instagram and Facebook.

“If I’m going to record something for the station, for example, I start live. So I do the mix live on Facebook, or on one of the most used platforms and that I am using now; it’s called Mixcloud, ”says Gonzalez.

And it will continue to do so.

“The love of music and the love of making people happy, happy and helps to forget the sorrows or things that are happening in the world now, an hour is priceless,” says Gonzalez.