As we are stuck at home facing unprecedented times during this COVID-19 pandemic, Street Laced knew something needed to be done to assist the men & women in our community who can no longer work and provide for their families. But what could we do that would have an impact, be fun, engaging and raise money at the same time?

LIVE DJ MIXES. But not just any live mixes, but those that could be streamed online (Facebook) and viewed by the masses, no matter where they are. Since everyone is stuck at home, why not bring the party to them? We all know in these unprecedented times, people can get down and depressed, but the power of music and community can brighten anyone’s day! So, we got to work!

Each day for the past two weeks, #StreetLacedDJs have been MIXING LIVE on Facebook to raise funds for the hospitality staff’s of the establishments they work at, or they chose a local Tampa Bay community partner to benefit, like the Bullard Family Foundation and the Boys & Girls Club of Tampa, who do great work in our neighborhoods! During their live mixes, anyone could donate via GoFundMe, PayPal or Venmo, as a TIP for the DJ (who by the way, are also out of work during these times) or to go into the pot for the establishment.  Each day, hundreds and hundreds of dollars were raised, surely helping our mission to help others.

We wrapped up our final mix yesterday and could not be more proud of the team for doing such a great job!

To all those who donated, we are so very thankful for YOU and to all the staff members at the establishments, we hope this helps even in the slightest way, to get you through these trying times!