There is no question when it comes to who has the best DJ crew in the city of Tampa, but when you add THREE more talented individuals to the squad, the term ELITE is the first word that comes to mind. Our motto at Street Laced is “We Don’t Play, We Just Win”,  and if you want to always win, you need to have the best players on the team.

It is with GREAT excitement today to announce the additions of three very unique and diverse DJ’s to the Street Laced roster: DJ Shannon C, DJ Flaco and DJ Lady Shay.

Shannon C is a diverse open format DJ from Orlando, Florida and has been DJ’ing professionally for over 5 years. You’ll find Shannon at a variety of events, from fashion shows and corporate events to nightclubs and weddings. Possessing over 20 years as a classical musician, her versatile musical knowledge has allowed her creative abilities to blend old favorites with new hits across several genres to create a diverse and engaging experience appropriate for multiple ages and demographics. Shannon C spent (2017-2018) with 99.1 FM (WUJM) creating, producing, hosting, and DJ’ing for Ladies Takeover Thursdays which featured a Hip-Hop show with motivational female guests. Apart from her skill set, Shannon C prides herself on her unwavering professionalism and friendly and approachable nature. She’s also affectionately known in Tampa Bay as the First Lady of the Sinister Syndicate Crew, and can be found on a weekly basis rocking the decks anywhere from Ybor City to Saks Fifth Avenue.

DJ Flaco aka Marco Sequeira has been spinning records for over 10 years. In that span, he has made a name for himself in the club scene in Tampa FL. Not only specializing in club nights, Marco has also done a wide variety of private events as well. Anything from small house parties to huge corporate events, weddings, Sweet 16’s, and Quinces. DJ Flaco’s family is also well known in the Latin community for their musicianship and knowledge in music. DJ Flaco is a true open format disc jockey with an extensive musical catalog. His seamless blends and song selection in his sets can be caught at The Franklin Manor as well as The Lodge Tampa every weekend.

DJ Lady Shay was born Dec. 23 1987 in Delray Beach, FL. Her cultural background is Jamaican, in which she developed her passion for music from her father. She became a disc jockey when she went off to college in Orlando, FL. Now as a second generation disc jockey and a college graduate, she travels everywhere in Florida performing live in front of hundreds of people. DJ Lady Shay is one the most versatile female DJ’s in Florida having rocked events most recently for the U.S Army, Macy’s, Guess, Victoria’s Secret and Yacht Starship, to name a few! She also received the “Couples Choice Award” in 2016 on! She is ready to perform at your next event! 

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