The great folks at Heineken Light had a vision to do some non-traditional marketing to start 2018 off with a bang, and to do so, they chose the beautiful backyard we call Tampa Bay. Their goal was to come into the market at the beginning of the year (Gasparilla) and keep their momentum going until the end of the summer. To accomplish their goals, simple billboards or print ads, TV or radio spots was just not what they envisioned. They wanted to REALLY focus their marketing on what the Bay has to offer and in order to make the proper “splash”, they decided to wrap a 55-Foot yacht, completely decked to the nines with Heineken Light messaging, nautical accessories, flags, promotional items, giveaways, etc. Not your everyday newspaper ad.

Their concept is two-fold.

First, the boat is docked at various waterfront restaurants, beach bars, hot spots, etc., all weekend long, every weekend, rotating between Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee/Sarasota counties, from January 2018 until July 2018. And of course, what better way to start the promotion than being in the heart of the harbor during the Gasparilla Pirate Invasion.
Talk about visibility and peaking someones interest!
At these weekly locations, the Heineken Light crew hosts what are essentially pop-up parties with product sampling, giveaways and they encourages patrons to come check out the boat on the dock. Once people have the opportunity to see the boat up close, their next question is “How can I get on the boat?”

And this is where WE come in.

In order to get people interested in the product and promotion, we needed a concept that would allow them to WIN their way onto the boat. By creating a dedicated hashtag, #HLBoatSweeps, this would allow patrons to share their experience enjoying Heineken Light on their social media outlets and by using the hashtag, it would get them automatically registered to WIN a day charter on the Heineken Light Boat with 7 friends. Not a bad deal considering most people share their party moments on their socials anyways.

Street Laced Marketing is handling the day-to-day strategies for the Heineken Light Boat Tampa, including the creation of all digital aspects, managing both the Instagram and Facebook accounts, and working directly with the on-site team to gather content/daily updates from those locations to engage with consumers. Documenting peoples experiences with the boat, re-sharing their content from their social media accounts and re-creating weekly social ads with their pictures shows the locality of the promotion which drives more followers.
More followers brings more interaction, which creates new interest from the general public. This is a GREAT way to raise awareness of the product and the residents of the Tampa Bay area have surely taken notice.

Heineken Light Boat Tampa Social Ad

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