At the beginning of 2018, Street Laced with tasked with assisting Heineken Light in the Tampa Bay area with a non-traditional promotion that would not only raise awareness for the brand, but a concept that would allow everyday people the opportunity to experience the finer things in life. The folks at Heineken decided to vinyl wrap a 55-foot yacht and decked it out all things Heineken; from the buoys, to the pillows, to the cups, logos decked all over and of course, stocked fridges. The key was to be seen all over the Bay area waterways and create a buzz with folks wanting to know “what is that boat all about?”.

By creating a dedicated hashtag, #HLBoatSweeps, patrons had the ability to share their experiences at their favorite sports bar, restaurant, BBQ, sporting event, etc. of them and/or their friends enjoying Heineken Light, and do so on their social media outlets. By using the dedicated hashtag, it would get them automatically registered to WIN a day charter on the Heineken Light Boat with 7 friends. Not a bad deal considering most people share their party moments on their socials anyways.

Street Laced Marketing handled the day-to-day strategies for the Heineken Light Boat Tampa, including the creation of all digital aspects, managing both the Instagram and Facebook accounts, and working directly with the on-site Heineken promotional teams to gather content/daily updates from those locations when engaging with consumers. Documenting peoples experiences with the boat, re-sharing their content from their social media accounts and re-creating weekly social ads with their pictures shows the locality of the promotion which in turn, drives more followers.

More followers brings more interaction, which creates new interest from the general public.

This was a GREAT way to raise awareness of the product and the residents of the Tampa Bay area surely took notice.

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Heineken Light Boat Tampa on Instagram here: Heineken Light Boat Tampa

The promotion didn’t stop here. It went so well here in the Tampa Bay market, that Heineken Light decided to recreate the promotion, only this time, in New England.

That’s right folks, Beantown. Boston. Cape Cod, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and all surrounding areas. Street Laced may be based in the Tampa Bay area, but our ability to understand the digital world and how to reach a targeted audience has no boundaries. Taking the mold from Tampa, we were able to recreate the digital pieces we already had in place, tailor them specifically for the locations in the northern areas, create a new hashtag (#HLBoatContest) and use content from the teams on-location to drive content. We have helped make it a seamless transition between markets, as their campaign overlapped with Tampa in the spring, and wraps up the first weekend in September, 2018.

We really have enjoyed working with the folks at Heineken Light and hope that the boat decides to take another voyage back our way. After all, we pretty much have “Chamber of Commerce” weather all year round!

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