The Pinellas Park Law Firm, Della Costa & Neville has tapped Street Laced to assist them with their marketing and promotions needs. We came up with a plan for Della Costa & Neville to specifically target the community surrounding their firm. Tampa Bay is saturated with messages from high powered law firms who utilize every aspect of major media to get their message heard. However, we believe that the message is sometimes heard a lot better when it is, in fact, in front of your face or in your hands.

Street Laced came up with a plan to blitz the neighborhoods surrounding the Pinellas Park location of the firm by utilizing our street team to canvas every home within a 1.5 mile radius. We created a perforated door hanger design (approved by the Florida BAR) in which the bottom portion of the hanger is a magnet featuring the Tampa Bay baseball schedule for 2016. This allows for the message to be seen by each homeowner and gives them a daily reminder of the law offices services when the consumer hopefully detaches the magnet and places it on their fridge, in their office, at their job, etc. The schedule has a faded background message that reads “Your Neighborhood Lawyer”, again solidifying the message that Della Costa & Neville is in their backyard. Why deal with a Tampa attorney when their firm is within walking distance of the consumers home?
















Street Laced will also be assisting Della Costa & Neville with sponsor area set-up, staffing and breakdown of their promotional area for 98 Rock’s “ROCKFEST” concert coming to the Amalie Arena on Friday, April 29th. Street Laced will set up their tent, tabling, manage staff, conduct hand-to-hand promotions and execute any other needs from the client day of.

98ROCKFEST will kick-off with a free pre-show on Ford Thunder Alley (West Plaza) at the Arena. The pre-show event will be headlined by Pop Evil and include performances by 98ROCK’s Skratch ‘N Sniff, and more. The event will welcome fans of all ages at 2:00 PM EST.